dedicated to quality and excellence in data recovery services How much does it cost to become a partner?
advanced data recovery solutions for RAID data recovery
  • Becoming a partner is absolutely free.
mutual business opportunity for data recovery providers What is in it for me?
Data Recovery Partner Program contact info
  • As a partner, you will receive a huge discount. This discount allows you to mark up the price.
huge discount for data recovery partners How can you charge so little?
minimum price for data recovery partners
  • We charge the minimum price possible, because we have such a high flow of drives coming in and out.
no data no charge policy for data recovery service partners What if you cannot recover the data?
add profitable data recovery service to partner's business
  • If we cannot recover the data, then the service is free. No data, no charge. We will ship back the drives at our cost.
dedicated to quality in data recovery services How do you give the customer the data?
dedicated to excellence in data recovery services
  • We ask you to send a good drive or CD, usually one from the customer.
  • In the event that you are going to buy a drive, then we can arrange to get one for you.
  • If you need us to buy one for you, we will charge you only our cost.
ship the dard drive for data recovery service What is the typical order of events?
complete data recovery service
  1. Customer brings Hard drive to your company for data recovery.
  2. Check our Partner Pricing guide and determine how much you want to charge the customer.
  3. Normal turn-around is less than a week.
  4. Ship us the drive along with a good drive.
  5. Once we receive the drive, we will call you with the tracking number.
  6. Track status online at
  7. We ship it to you, at our cost, with or without the data.
set price for data recovery service to partners Do you give us a quote?
no need for data recovery service quote
  • No need to, our prices are set. The price is based on the size of the drive, not the amount of damage.
we carry latest proprietary hardware and technologies in data recovery What kind of facilities do you have?
class 100 clean room for tier 3 data recovery
  • We have a fully equipped laboratory, including all the latest proprietary hardware and technologies in data recovery.
  • With our state of the art, completely renovated, class 100 clean room, and a full staff of data recovery experts, we can serve all your data recovery needs.
clean room procedure for tier III successful date recovery Why a class 100 clean room?
clean room to prevent dust damage to hard drive platter surface
  • A dust particle, typically larger than a human hair, on the platter inside your hard drive is like a mountain to its read/write heads and can cause some serious damage to the hard drive's platter surface.
  • Hard drives with a mechanical failure therefore require a "clean" environment for opening and making delicate repairs, with no margin of error for the smallest particle. In a clean room, the air quality is 10,000 times purer than the everyday environment where the dust particles are constantly being filtered and the room temperature is maintained at 70°F, with the humidity at 45% RH. By also wearing special suits, hair caps, face masks, boots and gloves, we decrease the odds of contamination and increase the odds of successful data recovery.