Konicom Data Recovery Partner Program OverviewHassle-free, Lucrative program

Program Overview

data recovery service since 2000

Hassle-free, Lucrative

Konicom has been in the data recovery service industry since 2000. We work with hundreds of computer service providers and consultants nationwide to help their customers recover valuable data from all types of data loss situations. With this partnership we also help our partners broaden their service types while encouraging customer loyalty, or increase profitable data recovery service revenue streams without increasing staffing cost and data recovery equipment and technology ongoing investment.

As your partner, we provide you with innovative, expert and cost-effective data recovery solutions using the latest and greatest tools and equipment. We are dedicated to quality and excellence in data recovery services that we offer. Our technicians are trained to provide you with the most advanced solutions tailored to your specific data recovery needs.

innovative, expert and cost-effective data recovery

Konicom Data Recovery Partner Program Attributes

Program Attributes

data recovery Partner

Our paperless system makes doing business with us simple and efficient.
  • No minimums qualification. We do not require minimums or contracts because we view this as a Win-Win-Win situation. You’re making money, We’re making Business, Your customers are getting great deals!
  • No paper work. Other than providing your Partner ID or contact information in the hard drive package you send to us.
  • No quotes necessary. Once you are in our program, you will be able to have access to our special set rates for partners.
  • Fast turn around. The turn around time for most cases can be anywhere between 2 to 5 business days excluding shipping. RAID data recovery inquiries receive 24/7 non-stop service on emergency requests.
  • No contracts, No signup fee.
  • No data, no charge is our motto.partner meetings
  • No minimum orders.
  • Unmatched flexibility in partner service.
  • We handle all types of hard drive, data storage media and devices.
  • Free return shipping.

Data Recovery Partner Application Process
  Getting Started
Data Recovery Partner Program Requires

We make it easy to get started and joining our program today.

  1. Complete the online application form to begin the process.
  2. We will schedule a time to discuss the program, your options, and answer any questions.
  3. Once your dedicated account is setup, you can immediately begin to send devices to our data recovery lab on 1819 J Street, Sacramento, CA 95811.
  4. Reference your Partner ID# when sending in a hard drive for professional data recovery services.
Again, our Data Recovery Partner Program requires no minimums and no application fees. Our "NO DATA, NO CHARGE" general policy will also apply to the Data Recovery Partner Program. With the exception of investing your time to become familiar with our offerings, no risk of losing anything at all.

To make life easy and simple, we have online access through our Partner Login below for you to monitor the progress of each of your data recovery cases submitted. We provide remote access for you to verify data before we deliver the data to you.

Konicom Data Recovery Partner Program Eligibility

Program Eligibility

Join our Data Recovery Partner Program by online submission You are invited!

We welcome any IT consulting firms, computer repair and service providers to join our Data Recovery Partner Program. We view this program as a mutual business opportunity. It is designed to help you deliver outstanding data recovery and customer success while adding/expanding a lucrative service to your business.

Join our Data Recovery Partner Program by simply filling out the Online Sign Up Form or contact our program coordinator Bryan Wu directly for more information.

Getting started with online Data Recovery Partner Program Application