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  Data Recovery Services
by Konicom, Inc.

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Portable Media data recovery Hard Drive data recovery RAID data recovery Tier I data recovery Tier II data recovery
Portable Media data recovery Hard Drive data recovery RAID data recovery
...............Logical Data Recovery $150 - $299
..............Physical Data Recovery $300 and up     
..............Tier I   $150 - $299
..............Tier II  $300 - $799
..............Tier III $800 and up     
............Call for Pricing
  • We offer Logical Data Recovery from $150-$299 per device on the following types of media:

    USB Flash Drive, Compact Flash, Secure Digital Flash Card, Flash Memory, San Disk (SD Memory Card), Camera Memory Cards, Memory Stick, CD, and DVD. Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, LG Android, BlackBerry, and other Smartphone Data Recovery start at $200.
  • For portable media involving physical damage that requires additional labor to prepare the device, the charge will be $300 and up.
  • Hard drive making grinding, clicking, or abnormal noises
  • Blue screen errors
  • Formatted hard drive
  • Error messages such as “Drive or device not found”
  • Damage due to virus or malware infection
  • Hard drive crashed or corrupted
  • Media has internal physical damaged and data can't be accessed
  • Fire or water damage

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  • RAID array or controller failure
  • RAID disks logical and/or mechanical failure
  • RAID misconfiguration
  • RAID disks failure due to power fluctuation
  • Intermittent drive failure resulting in RAID degradation
  • Server won’t boot up
  • File structure corruption due to disruption of logical volumes
  • Multiple hard drive failure

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We offer AFFORDABLE RATES surpassing most other data recovery companies.
        with QUICK TURNAROUND time.
        to bring back the lost data.
We pride ourselves in our NO DATA, NO CHARGE POLICY:
        if we cannot recover the data that is pertinent to you, there is no charge!
ISO 5 Class 100 certified cleanroom

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  ISO Class 5 / Class 100
Data Recovery ISO Class 5 certified
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Data Recovery Partner Program
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If you are a computer service company in the US, check out our Partner Program. We help our partners add / increase data recovery service revenue while maintaining competitive price and keeping their customer loyalty. Our partners are entitle to receiving huge discounts. No-data-No-Charge policy applies.

Becoming a partner is simple and absolutely free. Join our Partner Program by simply filing out the online form or contact our Partner Program coordinator Bryan Wu directly for more information.


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You Can Trust Our Experience

data recovery service coverage areas

Konicom Inc is serving customers in Davis,
Sacramento, Stockton, Folsom, Roseville,
Vacaville, Placeville, Fair Field, Fresno,
Lake Tahoe, Reno and other cities
in all 50 States.
Our data recovery experts have been in the disaster recovery industry for more than a decade. We apply state-of-the-art data recovery technologies that offer the most effective and affordable services to our customers. We continuously invest in the latest and greatest data retrieval tools and engage in ongoing training. We pride ourselves in our “No Data, No Charge” policy.

We provide the following data recovery services starting as low as $150 per case:
    Loss or Deleted Data Recovery Disaster Recovery Formatted / Reformatted Data Recovery
  • Data Recovery      Loss or Deleted Data Recovery     Disaster Recovery
  • Formatted / Reformatted Data Recovery
  • File Retrieval      Corrupted Data Recovery
  • Fire or Water Damage Data Recovery

    File Retrieval Exchange Data Recovery E-mail Recovery
  • RAID Data Recovery      Exchange Data Recovery     E-mail Recovery 
  • Server Hard Drive Data Recovery (RAID, Spanned Volume, Striping, Mirroring)

    Server Hard Drive Data Recovery RAID, Spanned Volume, Striping, Mirroring Hard Drive Data Recovery PC Hard Drive Data Recovery
  • PC Hard Drive Data Recovery (IDE/SATA/SSD/SCSI)     Laptop Data Recovery      Mac Data Recovery

    Laptop Data Recovery Mac Data Recovery USB Flash Memory
  • USB Flash Memory      Memory Stick     SD Card (Sandisk, Camera Memory Card / Chip)      Secure Digital Flash Card      Compact Flash      Picture Recovery      CD,      DVD,     Apple iPhone,     Samsung Galaxy,     LG Android,     BlackBerry,     Smartphone Data Recovery

    Memory Stick Data Recovery SD Card (Sandisk, Camera Memory Card / Chip) Data Recovery Picture Recovery
  • Complete Hard Drive Refabrication

The Immediate Steps for Data loss

Contact professional data recovery experts

Konicom helps you retrieve data

The Immediate Steps

Data loss can be a serious crisis, but it doesn't have to be the end of the world. When you experience data loss, do not panic. Follow steps 1-2-3 in order below:
  1. Properly turn off all devices connected to the computer
  2. Properly turn off the computer.
  3. Contact professional data recovery experts to help you retrieve data.
Do not open up the hard drive and/or try to recover data yourself unless you have prior professional training! Any attempts without data retrieval technical expertise and professional data recovery tools could potentially cause more serious damage to the hard drive and data, and might result in irreversible damage.

It's important to know that, when the hard drive is having a physical problem, the longer you allow the hard drive to run, the more you risk serious damage to your data. Any attempts on data recovery without professional tools and knowledge can result in further damage to the data.

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  Konicom Data Recovery Services
For data recovery please ship or bring your device to Konicom, Inc at 1819 J Street, Sacramento, CA 95811.
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