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Data Recovery Pricing Guide and Turn Around Time

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Pricing Principle

Our motto is: Our data recovery labor charge is depending on the level of difficulty on data retrieval, as well as time and effort spent on data recovery process. The amount of data to be recovered is not much of a factor in pricing consideration. If we cannot retrieve the data that is pertinent to you, you will not be charged. If you want a portion of the recovered data, full price still applies.

Customers are required to verify their recovered data at checkout. No refund is issued once the data leaves our premises.

To get a general idea of cost, below is our data recovery service pricing guideline. A more accurate quote will be available upon a complete evaluation of your media.

Data Retrieval ServiceData Retrieval  

Pricing Guide

RAID Recovery Memory Stick Logical Data Recovery    -    From $150 to $299
Konicom offers on the following types of media: Secure Digital Flash Card, San Disk (SD Memory Card), Flash Memory, Memory Stick, Camera Memory Cards, USB Flash Drive, Compact Flash, CD, and DVD. Samsung Galaxy, BlackBerry, Apple iPhone, LG Android, and other Smartphone Data Recovery start at $200.

Because there is additional work involved in the media repair on the physically damaged recovery target, there is a charge for on the above medias, which is $300 and up.

RAID Recovery Tier 1 PC Data Recovery    -    From $150 to $299
Most data loss due to human operating error will fall under this pricing category. Tier 1 data recovery applies to situations where an existing operating system is overwritten, data is deleted, or hard drive is formatted without first saving data, as well as a situation like damage to file system due to deletion of system files. This is where we can retrieve the data using our general data recovery software without having to go all out.

Additional charges may apply to the handling of large data transferring to storage devices.

RAID Recovery Tier 2 PC Data Recovery    -    From $300 to $799
Cases which require more invasive data recovery work are within the tier 2 data recovery. These recoveries range from minor damage to the media to severe Logical Causes. Operating system corruption, firmware corruption, file structure damage are just a couple of the Tier 2 data recovery indication.

When a hard drive makes clicking noises it often starts at the high end of this category. The recovery may subsiquently move into Tier 3 if it requires a component exchange with donor hard drive. In these cases, more time and effort may be required for your data recovery.

RAID Recovery Tier 3 PC Data Recovery    -    $800 and up
Tier 3 data recovery includes, but is not limited to, Physical damage to media, clicking sound, hard drive hangs unresponsively or freezes. In some cases a hard drive may not respond to conventional means of data retrieval, or after the extraction process we discover that the data may have critical data structure damage. These would also be considered within the Tier 3 data recovery category.

Sometimes Clean room procedures may be necessary for successful data recovery. This labor-intensive procedure requires significant technical skills for success. We will always cover the cost of parts regardless of whether we can recover the data or not.

RAID Recovery RAID Data Recovery    -    Call us

The cost of each RAID data recovery case will be provided after the evaluation. Please provide or ship all drives in the RAID array.

RAID Recovery Macintosh Data Recovery    -    Call us
    Macintosh data recovery, quote will be provided after free evaluation. Please bring or ship device(s) to our shop at 1819 J Street, Sacramento, CA 95811.

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Turn Around Time, Excluding Shipping

  • One to three business days for Laptop or PC hard drive data recovery
  • Three to five business days for Macintosh hard drive data recovery
  • We work 24/7 for RAID/Server on emergency requests

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Prevent Future Data Loss

Remote BackupTo help protect against loss of data, we offer affordable , a proactive solution which ensures that your data is safe. Your data is secure and accessible to no one but you. For as little as (up to 10 GB of data, upgrade available), you’ll never again worry about loss or deleted data because of a hard drive disaster or system failure. Visit our Remote Backup Center Web site for detailed information.
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