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In a data loss situation the problem can be categorized into two classes: . Given these categories, we have organized our data recovery into the two corresponding categories, Logical Data Recovery and Physical Data Recovery.

operating system corruption Data Retrieval is known as Software-level File System Restoration. Logical Data Recovery does not involve mechanical or physical repairs. Problems like deletion, partition loss, operating system corruption, firmware corruption, virus infections, formatting, database indexing corruption, file structure damage and clone-by-mistake are just some of the examples of Logical Causes. The most challenging problems in the Logical Data Recovery service are database indexing issues and clone-by-mistake issues.

Symptoms include but are not limited to the following:
  • Specific documents cannot be found or read as usual;
  • The disk cannot be read via the operating system;
  • Lost partitions;
  • "Cannot recognize device" messages pop up, etc.

In the same way, requires mechanical or physical repairs in order to retrieve data. Hard drive or device physical damage can be caused by a manufacturer's defect, a physical impact such as a device being dropped or bumped while it is running, or fire and water damage. The damaged chips or components manifest problems such as bad track, burnt PCBA, motor seizure, head crash, scratches on platters, and other malfunctioning components.

Symptoms may include but are not limited to the following:
  • Hard drive makes a "clicking" sound like "tick tack".
  • Disk is recognized by system but cannot be read normally;
  • Disk cannot respond to system commands;
  • Disk cannot be detected via operating system;
  • Disk freeze due to bad sectors;

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Head Crash Tier 3 Data Recovery SacramentoData recovery service is sorted into three categories; Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3 recovery and so on. Click here for pricing and details of our data recovery services.

is considered between Tier 1 and Tier 2 data recovery. This is depending on the severity of the damage to the drive. In most cases repairs can be handled using our professional logical data recovery software.

Physical damage on the surface of a disk, like bad sectors, are usually product defects and can be resolved by reallocating bad sectors or partitions. This is considered Tier 2 recovery.

refers to data rescue from hard drives with internal damage, motor or damage to the chips on the PCBA. Data recovery procedures need to be done in a "clean room" (a dust free environment). Here our technicians can manually replace damaged components with the assistance of industrially designed tools. This data recovery clean room procedure is critical to the success of Physical Data Recovery, if any particles disturb the hard drive they may interfere with the recovery. Also, incorrect operations on parts replacement can cause disk misalignment and destroy the data. Because of the difficulty and the extensive involvement of unique industry tools and the clean environment, Physical Data Recovery is in the Tier3 and beyond territory and is the most expensive data recovery service. Our data recovery service offers free part donors for the replacement of damaged components.

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