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Data Recovery Process

Data Retrieval ProcessData Recovery Process

1. First Step

When you experience data loss in your media, please
  • Unless you have the expertise in data Recovery, DO NOT attempt to experiment your own data recovery. Doing so may possibly render your data irretrievable and exacerbate the media's condition.
  • Allow us to help you. Consult our data recovery experts. We will provide you a free evaluation on your media, and a viable and cost-effective solution upon completion of the evaluation process.
  • Please send your media device to our shop at 1819 J Street, Sacramento, CA 95811 during our normal business hours. No appointment is necessary.

Evaluation of Your Media for Data RecoveryData Retrieval plan

2. Evaluation of Your Media

The time the evaluation process takes depends on the physical condition of the media. It could take anywhere between 1 to 3 business days for laptops and PCs and up to 5 business days for a Mac. After the evaluation is completed, data-recovery experts will contact you with a price quote and a data retrieval plan. Since every data recovery case is different, there is no one way to retrieve data.

Getting Data Recovery Process Updatesview Data Recovery Process Updates

3. Getting Data Recovery Process Updates

We will post data recovery status online. Your data recovery progress and our engineers' notes can be viewed as they're updated by visiting our status page at Once there, just type in your data recovery service order number and your customer ID.

Verifying your Data Recovery DataReturning your Data Recovery Data

4. Returning Your Data

We offer various delivery methods to send your data back to you.
  • Most often customers have the recovered data transferred onto a new hard drive. If you purchase a new hard drive at any place other than Konicom be sure that the hard drive is in good working condition, as we will not be responsible for any data loss on the new hard drive after you have left our premises.
  • If your data is time-sensitive or you are not able to pick up the data at our location, your recovered data can be downloaded via the Internet through our secured FTP channel. Please talk to our staff if you need this service.

Future Data Loss Prevention Data Recovery Prevention

5. Future Data Loss Prevention

For individuals and small businesses we offer Automatic Secure Online (Remote) Data Backup Services as a preventative solution. Our online data backup services allow you to forget about losing data again and all of the expenses associated with data recovery. With Konicom's secure online backup, your data is automatically backed up daily, Konicom maintains a record of your changes for 30 days.

automatic remote backup serviceYour data will always be available at your fingertips. We offer our remote backup service for as little as $10 per month. Signing up is simple and easy for you. Please click the links here to find out Price Information or to Sign Up. For more information, visit our Remote Backup Center at

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For data recovery please ship or bring your device to Konicom, Inc at 1819 J Street, Sacramento, CA 95811.
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