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Data RetrievalData Recovery Fairfield

Service Highlights

We endeavor to recover your most important data from your computer system in a responsive, fast, cost effective and efficient manner. Our technicians work with an array of media (of any make and model), including but not limited to the following:
  • RAID, mirroring, spanned volume, striping and other Server hard drive data recovery
Desktop and Laptop:
  • IDE, SATA, SCSI and other PC hard drive data recovery
  • Apple Macintosh hard drive data recovery
  • PC and Mac Laptop hard drive data recovery
  • New Solid-State drive (SSD) data recovery
Other storage devices:
  • USB flash drive, memory stick, Flash memory and compact flash data recovery
  • SD Memory Card (San Disk Card), Camera memory, secure digital flash card
    and Smartphone Data Recovery, etc.
  • DVD, CD, Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, LG Android, BlackBerry,

RAID RecoveryRAID Recovery Service

Konicom Can Help You Retrieve Data

If your situation falls in one of the following senarios, you can definitely use our data retrieval service!

RAID Recovery Fairfield  
RAID Recovery
  • Hard drive not recognized by the system’s BIOS
  • Error messages like “No operating system found"
  • Error messages like “Drive or device not found"
  • Incorrectly modified media’s file control index
  • Hard drive was dropped that caused
    internal physical damage
  • Mechanical failure of the moving components inside hard drive
  • Computer no longer boots up due to power failure, outage or surge
  • Unable to access your operating system due to Disk error
  • Data can't be accessed
RAID Recovery
RAID Recovery
  • Unable to access your data in your system
    that can normally be retrieved
  • Blue screen errors
  • Hard drive is Formatted
  • File is deleted
  • Fire or water damage
  • Data unreadable by computer
  • Computer hangs/freezes or reboots
  • Hard drive corrupted or crashed
  • Hard drive clicking or grinding
  • Damage due to virus or malware infection
RAID Recovery

Disaster Recovery FairfieldData Recovery Vallejo

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